Dark pop singer Carrie Feller started Hexa as a solo project in 2015, and eventually Hexa evolved into a four-piece band who last released the album Sigil Sine -- which features guest vocals by Tristan Shone (Author & Punisher) and Jung Sing (Silent, All Leather) -- in 2019. Hexa went on hiatus shortly afterwards, and now Carrie's releasing a new solo EP under her own name, Damage Orbit, on July 10 (pre-order). It was recorded, edited, and mastered by Luke Henshaw (of Planet B, Satanic Planet, and Sonido de la Frontera), and produced, mixed, and mastered by Luke's frequent collaborator/fellow Sonido de la Frontera member Matt Coleman.

We're premiering the video for the title track, which was created by Displaced/Replaced, who frequently works with the Three One G family (and made that awesome new video for Dead Cross' cover of Black Flag's "Rise Above").

"The last few years were some of the hardest of my life, dealing with death and illness in my family, the loss of a pet, changing careers, struggles in my personal relationships, health issues," Feller says of the new EP. "This album grew out of the feeling of being slammed really hard, repeatedly. But writing it and performing it has been part of the recovery. I haven't performed solo for about three years, but doing it again has been very challenging and therapeutic."

And about the new song specifically, she added, "The lyrics for 'Damage Orbit' have to do with coming to terms with the uncomfortable things you've been living with and learning how to speak about them, which is something I've always struggled with. Singing is the only way I've ever been able to use my voice confidently. When I try to speak about my depression or anger within the context of a normal conversation my voice will shake, I can't make eye contact, I stumble over my words. I think the video captures the uneasiness and anxiety of the lyrics.The fluid movements are interrupted by glitches and static. You catch a glimpse of someone's true face for a moment before it morphs back into an abstraction. It feels like a disjointed dance track for the apocalypse."

Listen and watch the video below...