BV is pleased to present the Friday the 13th premiere of the new horror short film Darkness, the second part of a three-part trilogy by Philadelphia singer-songwriter Dani Mari, composer and multi-instrumentalist Johnny Butler and filmmaker Arielle Apfel. The series is based on the "Three Mothers" trilogy of films by Italian horror master Dario Argento, and Darkness specifically is an homage to Argento's film Inferno.

Featuring music composed by Butler and Mari and starring I Am Snow Angel, Darkness is an example of the sweet spot where homage meets invention. Indebted to Argento's unique vision of horror (specifically his rich, detailed use of color) but managing to create a unique cinematic world, the video conjures a profound sense of fear and unease. This is coupled also with an almost involuntary wonder at the cleanliness and precision of the compositions. It all works beautifully with the music as well, which is legitimately eerie and haunting, aided immensely by Dani Mari's ethereal vocal work. Simply put, it's a rare, cool thing to see something executed this carefully, especially if you're a horror fan. Watch the video below.

The artists involved are hosting a screening party for the movie in NYC Friday night at Pinks on 10th St, which will feature a DJ set by Peter Matson. Flyer for that is below.

The film will also screen as part of the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, which runs on October 14-16 featuring a collection of independent genre films (12 features and 25 shorts in six venues), three parties and a range of events. Details for that (like lineup and venues) have yet to be announced, so keep an eye out for that.

Watch part one (“Sighs (Mater Suspiriorum)”) at The Key, and check out "Darkness" below.


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