Black metal legends Darkthrone have announced a new album and shared the first song to go along with it. The album is called Arctic Thunder, their first since 2013's The Underground Resistance, and it drops at some point later this year. The new track is called "Tundra Leech," and you can listen to that below.

Darkthrone don't really have to still be this good so late in their career, but from the sound of it, Fenriz and co. are still cranking out extreme music that ranks up there with the best of it. They're still firmly in death/thrash mode, as they have been for a few albums now, and it still suits them well. This song has a nasty series of riffs (the inspirations for which Fenriz explains in some pre and post-song comments), and it climaxes in Tony Iommi headbang territory. It's a real monster, and I can't wait to get my hands on the full album.

Listen to "Tundra Leech," with comments from Fenriz, below.