Nashville's Darrin Bradbury makes music that pulls from folk and punk, as well as comedians like Andy Kaufman and Richard Pryor, and he uses satire and dark humor to explore serious topics. That all comes across on his new album Artvertisement, which arrives August 20 via ANTI- Records (pre-order). Five songs from the album are out now (including the just-released "Busted World"), and ahead of the release, Darrin spoke to us about nine artists who influenced the album, and also named a handful of honorable mentions. Here's what he had to say...


Craig Finn: In my opinion, he is one of the best writers around. As a college kid I loved The Hold Steady, still do, but Finn’s solo work has grown up with his audience. He writes about things relevant in my life as a 34 year old, it’s refreshing.

Caroline Rose: Her albums are amazing- every damn one of ‘em. In fact, I have “More of the Same” stuck in my head as I type this.

Rayvon Pettis: He's a local east Nashville writer and legend in his own right, he dresses like a monster drinking good ole boy from Alabama, he did a few tours in Afghanistan. He writes these amazing modern southern folk ballads that tear at the heart- sometimes they’re about war, sometimes aliens going to plays on Broadway, sometimes an abused kid getting revenge on his abuser with a twelve gauge, sometimes all three. A lot of writers, when you study them long enough, you can figure out how the engine works - Rayvon’s music is the product of a singular bizarre set of experiences. Listen to his tune “Lailly and Abdullah” - it’ll rip your heart out and put it back.

Molly Martin: (another local east Nashville writer, originally from Philly) Her songs are powerhouse modern pop epics, her live shows are one of a kind. She is a truly fun-loving soul that captures the entire room from the first note.

Ryan Sobb: Along with Rayvon and Molly, he’s also from East Nashville. Ryan played on the record but is, in my opinion, what would have happened if a young, less drunk, much more polite Paul Westerberg moved to town.

Roger Manning: He's an '80s anti-folk artist from New York. He’s got two songs that are on repeat in my brain- “String of Pearls (Pearly Blues)” and this one where the opening line is “I’d rather throw beer then drink it, I’d rather make art than buy it.” It’s good shit.

Margo Price: I really respect artists that make left turns and as of late, Margo has been doing that; it’s a tough choice to go against the grain. Her use of melody brings out the absolute best in already great lyrics. She’s rad.

Shady View Terrace: An OG emo hardcore band from north New Jersey back in the
late '90s/early '00s that I saw play at a VFW when I was 13. It changed me, and I tried to embody that feeling on the record.

The Dead Kennedys have been my favorite punk band since I was 13.

Honorable mentions: the Pixies, Modest Mouse, Meat Puppets, Pavement, David Dondero, Green Day’s Dookie, Rancid’s …And Out Come the Wolves, Bad Brains, Fugazi, Bad Religion, Nick Drake, The Replacements, and My Politic.


Pre-order Artvertisement here. Watch the videos for the five singles below...

1. Field Notes from a College Town
2. Artvertisement
4. Exile on Myrtle Beach
5. The Wedding Song
6. Deanna, Deanna
7. Shiny Town
8. Pizza & Drugs
9. 15 Shovels
10. Those Beautiful Days
11. Busted World
12. Mikey Shoulda Died

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