Norway's tracksuit-loving electro rock conglomerate Datarock are back with their first new album in nine years, titled Face the Brutality, which is out March 9 via YAP Records. While the number of musicians credited to being part of the group over the years probably nears 100, it's still Fredrik Saroea who remains at the controls and delivers another set of kitschy, sometimes knowningly cheesy songs but never taking themselves too seriously. But brutal? Not so much. "We heard a radio show in Canada with that name back in 2004," Saroea says of the LP title, "and thought it sounded hilariously pretentious. Coming from a city of black metal, and with a background in punk and trash metal, we found the title so utterly wrong for DATAROCK that we've always wanted to use it for an album."

We've got the premiere of the album's second single, "Laugh in the Face of Darkness," an acoustic guitar-driven nomber that has an almost flamenco flair that also namecheck's that album title. Say Fredrick:

I guess "Laugh in the Face of Darkness" is that inevitable coming-of-age single. You know - the track that proves that even clowns cry ...and hair metal guys have feelings...

...lyrically this is like Donald Duck's subconscious devil & angel advisors sitting on each side of his head giving good and bad advice on how to act in the face whatever situation he's put himself in. Had to bring in that "trump" word though -- and put the expressive voice on.

Musically I guess it's me trying to pay tribute to David Bowie -- going crazy with a vintage Sequentian Circuits DrumTrak machine, a steel-string guitar with far too many chords, adding a Hammond organ, a Fender Rhodes and the sweet Oberheim OB-06 to the party -- and Ket-Ill adding soft sung backing-vocals and a touch of Tina Weymouth in the low end.

Listen to "Laugh in the Face of Darkness," along with a remix by DJ Rocca & Jukka, as well as very catchy first single "Ruffle Shuffle," and a couple trailers for the album, below.

Datarock - Face the Brutality tracklist:
Ruffle Shuffle
Sense of Reason
Laugh in the Face of Darkness
Feathers & Wax
Beautiful Monster
Invitation to Love
Outta Here
Darkness at the Edge of the Pit