In 2018, Daughters returned with their first album in eight years, You Won't Get What You Want, which was not just a great comeback but a step forward for this band who had been releasing great music since the early 2000s. Now, vocalist Alexis Marshall is gearing up to release his debut solo album in 2021, and while most info on that is still TBA, he did just debut his solo career with a standalone single from those sessions, "Nature in Three Movements."

The song was made with Evan Patterson (Jaye Jayle, Young Widows) and Daughters drummer Jon Syverson, and it finds Alexis in gothy, abrasive post-punk territory -- somewhere between Nick Cave and The Fall -- and it's no surprise that he's great at this kind of thing. Alexis describes the making of the new music as "the painstaking process of creating and honoring, pretending to know and asking for aide, questioning and conquering, and the pale, unending anxiety nipping at the heel. This past life come current is at last the realized direction of many excruciating years beneath the wheel. The evaluation process has grown enjoyable, the evaluation process is, at last, its own reward and the hands involved have made me a better human being; without these hands, I would surely have crashed to burn. Thank you all."

The single is out now on Sargent House. Listen:


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