After kicking off his 16-show Radio City run on Tuesday (8/1), Dave Chappelle kept things going last night (8/2) with The Roots, Ice Cube, Common and Vince Staples. Like at the first night, there were surprise unannounced guests too. Tyler the Creator, who just played Panorama, showed up. There were also appearances from Judd Apatow and Donnell Rawlings (as his Ashy Larry character from Chappelle's Show), who were both at night one too. One attendee wrote:

Common, Ice Cube, The Roots, Vince Staples, Tyler the Creator, and Donnell Rawlings at the Radio City Musical Hall. Tonight was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Hands down the best venue I've ever been to. Chappelle killed it with an hour of stand up, and I was blown away by The Roots and the rappers all flowed seamlessly into one another on the most ridiculous sound system I've ever heard. They made us lock our phones throughout the entire performance so the audience was 100% vibes with no BS. Wow,

Another wrote:

Inappropriate jokes are appropriate and appreciated in this show. I still can't believe I watched Dave Chappelle live!!!!!! Amazing show! U is #goat. Incredible performance by Ice Cube, Common, Vince and The Roots! I'm not a huge fan of hip hop but they made me feel some type of way, in a good way. HAHA! Thank you for that MJ joke, Dave. #imrichbitch <3 <3 <3< p>

Laugh and dance, all night - always good to combat global madness. Chappelle was on-point but Common and Ice Cube ripped it. Cube came out to 'Straight Outta Compton' and dropped 'Today was a Good Day'. The Roots are the Roots - always groovy.

Like at all shows on the run, they locked your cell phones up at the door so there isn't much in the way of pictures, but you can check out a few more Instagram shots (mostly from outside the venue) below.

The run continues tonight (8/3) with The Roots, Big Boi, and Usher (and more?). Guests at the remaining 13 shows after that include Chris Rock, Erykah Badu, Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, Lauryn Hill, Solange, and more. Full schedule HERE. Tickets (for select nights) HERE.

Chappelle was also on last night's episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He updated his "Give Trump a Chance" statement (he said Trump is like "a bad DJ at a good party"), and talked about speaking at a town hall in his home state of Ohio. Watch below.

Tyler the Creator also plays a surprise NYC show tonight. You have to buy one of his One Star x Golf Le Fleur shows at the Foot Locker in Times Square to get in:

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