Chris Rock and Kevin Hart are in the middle of a five-show run of co-headlining NYC-area shows, and on Saturday night (7/23) at Madison Square Garden they brought out a surprise guest, Dave Chappelle, to open. Chappelle, who has frequently performed with both Rock and Hart, has been in the news over his controversial Minneapolis dates earlier in the week, including one that was moved to a new venue after being cancelled by First Avenue. Hollywood Reporter writes that Chappelle, who took the stage to Radiohead's "Karma Police," referenced the controversy, telling the MSG crowd he "had to sneak my way in here." He also brought up the topic of "cancel culture" frequently.

More from Hollywood Reporter:

His real fury came at the press, particularly the New York Post, for calling the attack “alleged” when the incident was captured on video. He also accused the paper of putting words in the man’s mouth, urging the man to say he was triggered by Chappelle’s material. The comic claimed he knew the lines were fed, because he spoke to the man backstage for himself and “all he could say was”—at which point Chappelle made “cuckoo” noises.

He added that he hoped his attacker gets monkeypox in jail—“not that he should die, but his ass should itch for four to six weeks.” Chappelle also claimed the first call he got that night was from Louis C.K., whom he later shouted out, saying, “Louis, even if you get in trouble in the streets, you are my friend.”

The three comedians came out together to end the set, debating which was the G.O.A.T. Chappelle thanked Hart and Rock for having his back as the show drew to a close, saying they shared a bond only other comedians could understand, and adding "when my brothers call, I come running."

Watch video clips below.

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