Dave Deporis "Hi, my name is Dave Deporis. I humbly offer my songs to you and thank you for your interest."

No Dave, thank you. (No dad, what about you?) And thanks to thomas bartlett and sixeyes for doing the hard work of finding a diamond in the rough that is NYC's anti-folk singer-songwriter scene...

"His music, Deporis's, is a treasure, buried away from deserving ears, from unknowing ears, but it merits, if not desires, an audience. A voice which does not overpower, nor take the breath away, but commands attention with it's presence. The man, like his music, is vaguely mysterious..." [Alan Williamson @ sixeyes]

"'Swan King in the Snow' and 'Ghostly Baby' are the only songs of his I've heard, and they're astounding, similar to Devendra Banhart's music, but coming from a quieter, lonelier and altogether less whimsical place. I listen to a whole bunch of demos from unsigned bands, and it's exceedingly rare to come across anything that strikes me nearly this powerfully. Someone get this boy a record deal." [Thomas Bartlett @ Salon]

Swan King in the Snow (just click)
Violent Dancing (just click)
Ghostly Baby (just click)
At the End of the Tunnel (just click)

The same 4 songs are also available for download or stream at Dave's Myspace page.