As attendees, we miss concerts a lot (and have been trying to make up for their current absence by sharing amazing live videos every day), but beyond the loss of their main source of income, how do bands feel? Dave Grohl, at least, is awaiting their return as eagerly as we are. Foo Fighters were scheduled to go on a 25th anniversary van tour, including a Washington DC festival on the Fourth of July, that's now been postponed (and the festival cancelled) amid the pandemic, and Dave wrote an essay for The Atlantic about how much he misses live music. Here's an excerpt:

As a lifelong concertgoer, I know this feeling well. I myself have been pressed against the cold front rail of an arena rock show. I have air-drummed along to my favorite songs in the rafters, and been crushed in the crowd, dancing to dangerous decibel levels while lost in the rhythm. I’ve been lifted and carried to the stage by total strangers for a glorious swan dive back into their sweaty embrace. Arm in arm, I have sung at the top of my lungs with people I may never see again. All to celebrate and share the tangible, communal power of music.
Not to brag, but I think I’ve had the best seat in the house for 25 years. Because I do see you. I see you pressed against the cold front rails. I see you air-drumming along to your favorite songs in the distant rafters. I see you lifted above the crowd and carried to the stage for a glorious swan dive back into its sweaty embrace. I see your homemade signs and your vintage T-shirts. I hear your laughter and your screams and I see your tears. I have seen you yawn (yeah, you), and I’ve watched you pass out drunk in your seat. I've seen you in hurricane-force winds, in 100-degree heat, in subzero temperatures. I have even seen some of you grow older and become parents, now with your children's Day-Glo protective headphones bouncing on your shoulders. And each night when I tell our lighting engineer to “Light ’em up!,” I do so because I need that room to shrink, and to join with you as one under the harsh, fluorescent glow.

Read the whole thing here.

Check out pictures from Foos' 2018 show at Madison Square Garden in the gallery below.