Not only is Tom Petty's excellent Wildflowers & All The Rest (featuring the "lost" double album version of Wildflowers) out today, but long-running punk great Dave Smalley (Dag Nasty, ALL, Down By Law) has released a cover of Tom Petty's 1989 Full Moon Fever classic "Runnin' Down a Dream" with his newer band Don't Sleep.

"Tom Petty is a musical treasure," said Smalley. "His music is one of those rare things that nearly everyone vibes on - everyone from hippies to hardcore hoodlums. When Don't Sleep was talking about what cover song we wanted to do, there were lots of great ideas but there was always one guy saying 'yeah but...' But when our lead guitarist Tom McGrath suggested Tom Petty, and specifically this song, there was zero hesitation from anyone. To make a cover great, you need to feel it. And everyone felt it. We tracked this in The Green Room studio in Harrisburg, PA with producer Matt Holmes, and it was done super late in the evening, after midnight. Energy levels through the roof, karma bright. I had a ton of fun singing it, and the words are freaking phenomenal. We salute you Tom!"

They turn the song into a punk ripper, while staying faithful to the charm of the original. Listen:


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