Punk legend Dave Smalley (Dag Nasty, DYS, ALL, Down By Law, etc) is having a very busy year. He released a new 7" with his band Don't Sleep (with whom he also plays Dag Nasty songs live with) and then Don't Sleep toured with Shelter. He later released a new Down By Law album, and now his new band Dave Smalley & the Bandoleros are set to release their debut album Join The Outsiders on November 26 via Little Rocket Records (the label run by Leatherface/Medictation member Graeme Philliskirk). Here's a little background on the band from their bio:

Dave Smalley, the legendary punk rock singer (DYS, All, Dag Nasty, Down By Law) has a new band Formed in 2017, Mr. Smalley has united The Bandoleros, three Spanish guys and one crazy Argentinian to create 11 solid punk rock hits.

There are no borders and no oceans too wide enough to play good music if people can connect perfectly with those who have had similar experiences in the music, touring, knowing really nice people, understanding different cultures and screaming for a change all together. That's punk rock for you and that's why Dave Smalley & The Bandoleros were created so, join the outsiders.

They recently released the lead single "Red Alert," and we're now premiering the title track. Like "Red Alert," this is fast, melodic punk that's cut from the same cloth as Dave Smalley's classic material, and he's still got that trademark shout that he had during the Dag Nasty days. It's a ripper. Here's what Dave tells us about it:

Punk rock and hardcore have always been a family. Together the bands, fans, fanzines, record labels, studios, radio shows, clubs and festivals created this whole world and it's an amazing ecosystem, but we are always going to be "the outsiders" compared to the mainstream. This song is just a reminder that you are not alone. When things get tough, depend on your friends and the music.

Listen and check out the album artwork and tracklist below:

Dave Smalley

1. Join The Outsiders
2. My Funeral Pyre
3. Red Alert
4. Tear It Down
5. Journey
6. The Calling
7. Bandoleros
8. Sick
9. Stand Or Kneel
10. Eye Of Fire
11. Better Make It Count

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