Fujiya & Miyagi @ Lincoln Hall in Chicago, 1/25/2012 (more by Chase Turner)
David Best

Fujiya & Miyagi were in North America a couple times this year, most recently over the summer, playing Glasslands here in NYC and a few festivals around the country. While the band didn't have a new record out this year, front man David Best stayed busy with side project Omega Male who Kraftwerkian synths showed that his Krautrock love isn't limited to Neu! and Can. You can stream the Omega Male album below, there are some really good tracks on it.

Best was kind enough to send us a list of his favorite albums of 2012 and, speaking for myself, there's more than a few on here I am completely unfamiliar with, which I'll have to add to my listening queue. He also lists a few comilations and reissues as well. Check out his list below, along with the Omega Male stream.



David Best of Fujiya & Miyagi / Omega Male - Top 10 LPs of 2012
1. Scott Walker - Bish Bosch
2. Liars - wixiw
3. Emeralds - just to feel anything
4. C S Yeh - transitions
5. Daphni - jiaolong
6. Gary War - jarads lot
7. Drainolith - fighting!
8. Panabrite - soft terminal
9. Pulse Emitter - aeons
10. Outer space - akashic record (events 1986 - 1990)

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Although not new music, I loved the three records listed below, which saw the light of day this year.

Can - the lost tapes
Personal space - electronic soul comp
Laurie Spiegel - the expanding universe

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