You might remember when the Union Square subway hub went purple with Prince, and now the MTA has again teamed with Spotify to celebrate David Bowie (who is being celebrated at the "David Bowie Is" exhibit at Brooklyn Museum). As Bowery Boogie notes, the Broadway-Lafayette station, which is just a few blocks from where Bowie used to live in Soho, has been transformed into a tribute/installation (and an ad for 'David Bowie Is') to him. There are more traditional ad-looking pieces, but also some that made use of the station's architecture, and a replication of the "David Bowery" graffiti'd street sign that popped up. There's also a giant outdoor ad on Houston at Broadway above the station.

Perhaps more exciting is a series of Bowie MetroCards which you can get at the Broadway-Lafayette and Bleeker St stations, which you can keep collected with your Twin Peaks and Supreme MetroCards. The MTA says they've printed 250,000 of the cards total.

UPDATE 2: There are actually 5 Bowie MetroCard designs total! Thanks to Greg on Facebook for the update and picture.


UPDATE: We now have pictures of all 4 Bowie MetroCard designs, thanks to BrooklynVegan contributor Sachyn Mital. See them below.

In other news, the screening of Bowie's Lazarus musical concert film with live score at Kings Theatre happens May 2 (tickets), and there are a number of David Bowie Record Store Day releases this year.

Semi-related: The Smiths are the NYCT Subway's favorite band.

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