HBO has acquired the documentary David Bowie: The Last Five Years, which follows the late David Bowie for the last five years of his life during which he recorded his final two albums and created the stage play Lazarus. The film, which was made by director Francis Whately, includes rare interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews with Bowie's collaborators like producer Tony Visconti, graphic designer Jonathan Barnbrook who did the artwork for The Next Day and Blackstar, Lazarus producer Robert Fox, and more. Notably, the documentary disputes the fact that Blackstar was intended as his "parting gift." The documentary reveals that Bowie didn't learn he was ill until filming the video for his final single, "Lazarus."

In a statement from HBO, Wheatley says "Looking at Bowie’s extraordinary creativity during the last five years of his life has allowed me to reexamine his life’s work and move beyond the simplistic view that his career was simply predicated on change." No word on when the film will air.

The documentary premiered in January on BBC Two. No word yet on when the film will air on HBO. You can watch a trailer for the film below.

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