Put on your red socks and dance the blues is not exactly the correct "Let's Dance" quote, but it gets us to the fact that Happy Socks has just launched an official David Bowie line based on different iconic performances, characters and outfits.

The Happy Socks x Bowie collection features six pairs of socks that are available individually as well as in sets of three and six:

  • "Ziggy Stardust": tiger stripe design is based on one of Bowie's most iconic jumpsuits
  • "Flashy Bowie": featuring the lightning bolt ripped straight from Bowie's fact to your feet
  • "Aladdin Sane": the flames on these were inspired by Bowie's Aladdin Sane jumpsuit
  • "Big Bowie": the iconic lightning flash symbol here is paired with Happy Socks' Big Dots
  • "Electric Tiger": the giant cats here were inspired by another Ziggy-era jumpsuit
  • "Tokyo Pop": this pair are based on Mirai Yamamoto's flared body suit designs

There are also limited edition "Silver Lining" socks that are wrapped in silver foil and based the silver zebra outfit from Station To Station that also made an appearance on his final album, Lazarus. Then there's the Ziggy Special sock, inspired by Ziggy Stardust’s asymmetrical knitted leotard, that comes as one sock and two ankle bangles.

Check out pics of the Happy Socks x Bowie line below and order yours here.