David Bowie's lost album Toy is finally getting an official release on January 7 via Rhino (pre-order). The album, which features a mix off new songs and new versions of old songs, was originally recorded for release in 2001, but shelved, and some of the songs ended up being re-recorded for 2002's Heathen, while other Toy recordings were included on the limited edition Heathen bonus disc and on the 2014 compilation Nothing Has Changed. The album leaked in 2011.

Mark Plati, who co-produced the album, said in a statement:

Toy is like a moment in time captured in an amber of joy, fire and energy. It’s the sound of people happy to be playing music. David revisited and re-examined his work from decades prior through prisms of experience and fresh perspective — a parallel not lost on me as I now revisit it twenty years later. From time to time, he used to say “Mark, this is our album” — I think because he knew I was so deeply in the trenches with him on that journey. I’m happy to finally be able to say it now belongs to all of us.

Toy will also be included the newly-announced box set David Bowie 5: Brilliant Adventure, which also features Black Tie White Noise, The Buddha Of Suburbia, Outside, Earthling, hours…, the live album BBC Radio Theatre, London, June 27, 2000, and the compilation Re:Call 5. That comes out November 26 via Rhino (pre-order).

Listen to the newly-released radio edit of "You've Got A Habit of Leaving" from Toy:

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