Metro Area @ Studio B, Brooklyn, NYC - Jan 4, 2008 (Justin Charles)
Metro AreaMetro Area

No more "Week in Dance". Obviously, you've seen that it's not a weekly feature. "Dance Update" will be more frequent and less frequent at the same time. Longer and shorter. Keep an eye on my friends' Darrin and Greg Remixed posts for more regular updates on the MP3s that are flying about on the dance'o'net. I'll keep doing what I'm doing here.

I had the grand scheme to do successive posts on my best of for 2007, but that never materialized. I instead wrote an overview of my thoughts on the year in dance, and now I'll jump right into what I'm looking forward to for 2008.

DFAI already told you about the Tim Goldsworthy(DFA)-produced Cut Copy album coming out on Modular. There's also some exciting new releases DFA is putting out themselves. (Sidebar: I know I got some heat for focusing too much on DFA last year, but this is a New York blog, and DFA keep putting out such damn good music: its really not my fault. But noted.). Full-lengths are soon forthcoming from Hot Chip, Hercules and Love Affair, and The Juan Maclean, but killer singles and remixes are coming even much sooner.

Hot Chip is up first with a Feb 5th release of Made in the Dark. They definitely maintain their "leftfield" designation with this album, but its quirkiness is exactly what makes it (and them) so endearing. Check out some fun behind the scenes footage at Hot Chip's shoot of "Ready for the Floor".

AntonyLess quirky, more proper early 90s house music: Hercules and Love Affair's album will probably be out in March and features more than a few guest appearances from Antony. Preview the amazing "Blind" featuring Antony on the HAFL Myspace, the 12" single will hopefully come with a remix from early 90s house legend Frankie Knuckles. Fact Magazine has a preview here.

You might have heard the unabashedly piano house track "Happy House" by The Juan Maclean making the rounds in the clubs. It's quite the jam (listen here) and features Nancy Whang on vocals and will be released in March. The album " " (yes, that's what it's called) will be out a bit later in the spring and TJM will kick off unrelentless touring throughout the rest of the year.

Don't sleep on these parties:

Friday Jan 25th

Saturday Jan 26th