David Byrne posts monthly themed playlists on his website and November's is "Indie Pop." Here's what he says:

I guess this is a short playlist of recent releases that might fall under the category - Indie Pop. Pop is intended to be catchy and accessible, and Indie as independent. Independent of what? Independent of conventional thinking, or how to achieve those aims? Or does it mean independent of the big 3 record labels….which overlaps with the first definition. if one thinks that the big 3 achieve dominance via muscle, and the indies have to use true skills.

Wooops, I just looked it up and I’m totally wrong- says it’s a subset of alternative rock.

Whatever, some really great songs here. Enjoy!

It is on the shorter side, and includes Billie Eilish, Vagabon, Michael Kiwanuka, serpentwithfeet, Bon Iver, Brittany Howard, Kelsey Lu, Hobo Johnson and more. There are also two songs by the mathy black midi, which don't exactly fit with the rest of this otherwise smooth playlist, but who are we to tell David Byrne what to include? Also one of the black midi songs is titled "Talking Heads" so...listen over at David's website.

Meanwhile, David Byrne's American Utopia is on Broadway now and the run was recently extended through February 16.


David Byrne's "Indie Pop" Playlist:
Ghost Towns - Stolen Jars
Mover Awayer - Hobo Johnson
Water Me Down - Vagabon
Speedywa - black midi
Talking Heads - black midi
Georgia - Brittany Howard
Confessions - Sudan Archives
Oatmeal - Sudan Archives
Foreign Car - Kelsey Lu
bless ur heart - serpentwithfeet
GIOVANNI - Jamila Woods
bury a friend - Billie Eilish
bad guy - Billie Eilish
ocean eyes - Billie Eilish
Flood - Vagabon
Ya Sudan - Sinkane
You Ain't the Problem - Michael Kiwanuka
Hey, Ma - Bon Iver

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