David Byrne has been working on a new album, his first pop record since 2012's collaboration with Saint Vincent. (If it's a true solo album, it'll be his first since 2004's Grown Backwards.) During a Reddit AMA back in May, Byrne said he was working on songs with Oneohtrix Point Never ("Last week I wrote words and a melody over a track that [0PN's] Daniel Lopatin sent me") and that Brian Eno helped "a lot." Today, 0PN participated in a Reddit AMA, ostensibly about his Cannes-winning soundtrack to Good Time, but he shared some insight on his collaboration with Byrne:

working with david was one of the true highlights of my life i have to say. he was working on his solo album (his first in a very long time) and he invited me to have a listen. then i started tinkering around on a few pre-existing songs. then i said, ok why dont we make one from scratch and we made a couple. and you'll hear them very soon

Whether those collaborations are on Byrne's solo album or not (David said "2018" in his AMA), we like the "very soon" part.

While we wait, you can stream 0PN's Good Time soundtrack (which features Iggy Pop), below.

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