Never one to mince words, David Crosby hasn't held back about his dislike of Mike Love, who heads the current touring edition of Beach Boys, minus co-founders Brian Wilson and Al Jardine. In the wake of Beach Boys' performance at a Trump fundraiser on Sunday night (10/18), Crosby took to Twitter to criticize Love again. In response to someone asking him, "what do you think about the beach boys voting to let Mike Love use the name of the band to endorse the cult leader," Crosby wrote, "Those aren’t the Beachboys and I doubt they voted. Mike Love is ,in the opinion of almost every musician I know , a shithead , most assuredly has no talent at all , and , as you can probably tell ...I just don’t like him"

In another response he wrote, "Brian was the Beachboys Wilson’s no Beachboys ...Mike Love should retire and let it be done ....."

Back in February, Crosby tweeted, "I do not even shake hands with people like Mike Love .....he is Trumper ...which means he has no brains ....and has consistently been an asshole." He's let his dislike for Love be known before Trump became president, too, saying he wouldn't collaborate with Love and calling him "Not a good person."

Brian Wilson and Al Jardine distanced themselves from Sunday night's Beach Boys show, saying, in a statement, "We have absolutely nothing to do with the Trump benefit today in Newport Beach."

Crosby, meanwhile, also had a barb for Trump himself, who shows off some questionable dance moves in a viral video from a recent rally. "He is why they say White men can’t dance," Crosby writes.

Crosby also recently apologized after calling Eddie Van Halen "meh," days after the guitar icon died following a battle with throat cancer.

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