David Crosby passed away at the age of 81 back in January. His longtime collaborator Graham Nash has now revealed in an interview on the Kyle Meredith With podcast that he died in his sleep after contracting Covid-19. "He was rehearsing for a show to do in Los Angeles with a full band,” Nash told Kyle. "After three days of rehearsals, he felt a little sick. And he’d already had Covid, and he had Covid again. And so he went home and decided that he would take a nap, and he never woke up. But he died in his bed, and that is fantastic."

"I mean, the fact that he made it to 81 was astonishing,” Nash continued to Kyle. “But [his death] was a shock. It was kind of like an earthquake, you know? You get the initial shock and then you figure out that you survived. But these aftershocks kept coming up, and they’re diminishing in size as I go along."

Nash had paid tribute to his friend and bandmate in January, saying, " I know people tend to focus on how volatile our relationship has been at times, but what has always mattered to David and me more than anything was the pure joy of the music we created together, the sound we discovered with one another, and the deep friendship we shared over all these many long years."

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