David Crosby has done a new tell-all interview with Rolling Stone, where he talked plenty about politics, but also revealed some sad personal news. He talked about the death of Melissa Etheridge’s 21-year-old son Beckett, for whom Crosby was a sperm donor (“I loved him and he loved me and he was family to me”), and he also revealed that he gets trigger-finger tendonitis in his hands and says it’s “entirely possible that I may never play guitar again.”

He also says that his house in jeopardy due to loss of income from having to cancel all of his 2020 touring plans, and when interviewer Andy Greene said “next year you should hopefully be back on tour,” Crosby replied, “I hope so. The thing that happens to me is I’m not sure I’ve got a next year. That’s the thing. I’m almost 80 years old. So when you take away my next year, you might have just taken the last one I got.” He also adds, “I’m not whining. I’m telling you the truth.”

When asked if he would tour and just sing if he wasn’t physically able to play guitar, Crosby replied, “Yeah. I’m a good singer. Man, I wish I could play you the record that James [Raymond] and I just finished. Oh, fuck. I sang my ass into the middle distance.” He also mentions the album is called Lifting Force or Lift, has one song co-written with Michael McDonald and another with Donald Fagen, and that the album is “pretty much” finished.

Crosby also discussed George Floyd and the ex-cop who killed him:

I don’t know if you’ve ever been arrested, but [cops] are rough. Those boys are rough. And it’s easy to murder. The guy [Derek Chauvin] is a murderer. Why was he still in the police force? He has had [multiple] complaints against him.

He discussed if Joe Biden, whose virtual fundraiser he recently performed at, is rising to the moment:

I think he’s trying. Here’s how I feel about Joe. He’s a good guy. There’s a decent human being in there and he’s paid lots of dues, which makes him humane. He understands what pain is. These other dicks don’t. He knows. He’s had serious, weeping pain. I like that in a human being. I like scars on a human being because that is how you learn. He has. He’s very humane and a very decent guy.

[…] I believe in Joe because I believe in his values. What matters to him is the same stuff that matters to me: Intelligence, humanity, compassion, curiosity, humor. These are all qualities that I really care about in a human being, and he has them all.

And he talked about comparisons between Trump and Nixon (“[Trump] is far more dangerous than Nixon because he’s got a gigantic ego and he was raised by monsters”). You can read the full interview here.

David Crosby was supposed to tour with Jason Isbell this year and he also sings on Isbell’s fantastic new album. He had other dates cancelled as well.

Meanwhile, Jason Isbell just announced a 2021 tour with Lucinda Williams.