David Crosby has been having a burst of prolific-ness lately. By the end of 2017, he'll have released the same amount of solo albums in the past four years that he released in the first three decades of his solo career. He revealed earlier this year that he was working on a new album called Sky Trails, and now that album has officially been announced. It's due out on September 29 via BMG, and he recorded it with the core band of saxophonist Steve Tavaglione, bassist Mai Agan, and drummer Steve DiStanislao. He also co-wrote a song with Michael McDonald, and the album has guest vocals by Becca Stevens. It also features co-writing, instrumentation, and production by Crosby's son James Raymond, who Crosby met when James was 30 (after he had been given up for adoption). "The relationship that’s developed with my son is absolutely uncanny and wonderful," Crosby says.

The first single is "Sell Me A Diamond," a heavily layered song with a bit of jazz influence that's quite a departure from last year's Lighthouse, which hearkened back to his late '60s / early '70s psychedelic folk. The new song premiered on NPR and you can listen below.

When he asked him about his recent creative burst in an interview last year, he said: "I wish I had a clever answer for you. I think it’s mainly because I’m happy, my family is good and the songs are coming, which is really all I care about. That’s my life, the music and my family. So, I wish I could say it’s because I drink Gatorade or something but there isn’t some key factor that I know of other than that I’m happy, and I’m definitely happy."

A fall US tour tour will be announced soon. Crosby last played NYC at Town Hall in December.

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