We're sad to report that David Gamble, who was one-half of great late-'70s/early-'80s Athens, GA post-punk duo The Method Actors, has died after a battle with cancer.

Vic Varney, The Method Actors' vocalist/guitarist, wrote a long tribute to David, saying in part, "David was a terrific, thunder-beating, octopus of a drummer, one a writer for the New Music Express described, positively, as 'unable to keep a beat--as in a cage,' a total blast to watch. But he was an even greater talker, first, because he was a great listener. Second, because he was brilliant and always had something substantial to say. Third, because he was hilarious. Fourth, because he was never, ever, boring. And finally because he had the most beautiful speaking (and, so sadly fleetingly captured, singing) voice anyone reading this has ever heard, and if you aren't lucky enough to have done so, just trust me--you're missing out." Read his whole tribute below.

Part of the same scene that gave us Pylon, The B-52's, Love Tractor and R.E.M., The Method Actors formed in 1979 and made scratchy, tightly-wound, danceable rock powered by Gamble's hard-hitting drumming style and Vic's urgent vocals and wiry guitar. They made their debut with 1980's This Is It EP and released the Rhythms of You / Dancing Underneath EP in 1981 before releasing their debut album, Little Figures, that same year (Most of the tracks from those releases were compiled on This is Still It which you can listen to below). Gamble left the band not long after that, and later played in Boat Of and Beauty Contest.

Pylon wrote "Pylon were saddened to hear of the passing of our friend David Gamble who was the mighty drummer for the two-piece Athens, GA band The Method Actors, and also in the Tone Tones, singer for Jack Heard and player in Boat Of. Our condolences to his many friends, family and fans."

Rest in peace, David. You can also read tributes from Love Tractor's Mike Richmond (who was also briefly in The Method Actors) and more, below.

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