David J reunited with his Bauhaus bandmate Peter Murphy at Guadalajara, Mexico' Roxy Festival last weekend (4/21) to play a set of the band's classics, including "Bela Lugosi's Dead," "Kick in the Eye," "She's in Parties," "Double Dare," "Stigmata Martyr" and their cover of Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust." You can watch video from that show and check out the setlist below. Peter and David will be doing three nights of Bauhaus at San Francisco's The Chapel on June 28 - 30 (part of Murphy's 15-night residency that got delayed twice due to visa issues) and you can still get tickets for the 6/28 show.

Before that David J will be playing solo shows around the U.S. including a show in NYC at Berlin on May 4 with Twin Guns, Beechwood, and Hot Jam Factory (tickets). He'll also be at Rough Trade on May 8 to promote the new edition of his memoir, Who Killed Mister Moonlight?: Bauhaus, Black Magick, and Benediction, where he'll talk with author Shade Rupe and sign copies of the book. 7 PM, free.

In announcing the Rough Trade event on Facebook, David wrote a little about his rocky relationship with former Bauhaus and Love & Rockets bandmate Daniel Ash (who is currently in POPTONE with David's brother, Kevin):

Daniel had taken umbrage over the fact that in the first edition I had given away the sacred secret of the Bela chords. (‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ the band’s phenomenally successful first single.) A series of angry emails to me ensued. As I tried to explain, these particular chords were not exactly out of the public domain as there are several bedroom tutorials on YouTube etc showing guitar players clearly demonstrating how to play the song. Well, he just wasn’t having it and voiced his outrage over this perceived indiscretion in no uncertain terms. He was also somewhat concerned that I had also mentioned that the descending pattern used in our Gothic anthem was inspired by ‘Rock n’ Roll’ (Parts 1 & 2) by Gary Glitter. “David! What if Gary Glitter decides to sue us?” As I retorted as the time, Gary Glitter had been arrested for serial statuary rape and is currently in prison serving a a very long sentence at Her Majesty’s pleasure and is not exactly in a position to sue anybody! Still, out of deference I did remove the offending sentences from the next edition.
I actually have the impression that Daniel has not read the thing but has been told of it’s contents by a personal aide-de-camp. I mailed him a copy of the book when it first came out along with a rather soulful and heartfelt letter but the package was returned to me unopened. Thinking that he had changed his PO box I dropped him an email requesting that he send me the new address so that I could resend the package.
In response I received a terse: ‘No thanks!’ Our relationship was somewhat strained following this incident although of late it has been much improved, cordial even.
Anyway, seeing this latest typo has prompted me to make the decision to try again and mail out another copy the tome. Thinking about it, this actually makes that little typo part of Bauhaus band lore! This time I really hope that the gift doesn’t come back. We shall see!

We shall see indeed and I for one would like to see a Love & Rockets reunion. All David J tour dates are listed below.

SETLIST: Peter Murphy & David J @ Roxy Festival 4/21/2018
Double Dare (Bauhaus)
In the Flat Field (Bauhaus)
God in an Alcove (Bauhaus)
Silent Hedges (Bauhaus)
Boys (Bauhaus)
Kick in the Eye (Bauhaus)
The Passion of Lovers (Bauhaus)
Bela Lugosi's Dead (Bauhaus)
Stigmata Martyr (Bauhaus)
Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie cover)

DAVID J - 2018 Tour Dates
APR 28 Turn! Turn! Turn! w/ Josh McCaslin Saturday, 8:00PM Portland, OR
MAY 01 Living Room Show Tuesday, 7:00PM Philadelphia, PA
MAY 04 Twin Guns at Berlin Friday, 7:30PM New York, NY
MAY 08 David J. Haskins Q&A + Signing Tuesday, 7:00PM Brooklyn, NY
MAY 10 Whitaker & Atlantic Thursday, 8:00PM Raleigh, NC
MAY 12 Living Room Show w/ Nineteen Thirteen Saturday, 7:00PM Chicago, IL
JUN 28 Peter Murphy Bauhaus set feat. David J Thursday, 9:00PM San Francisco, CA
JUN 29 Peter Murphy Bauhaus set feat. David J Friday, 9:00PM San Francisco, CA
JUN 30 Peter Murphy Bauhaus set feat. David J Saturday, 9:00PM

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