The Clean's David Kilgour will release his very lovely, very mellow new solo album, Bobbie's a Girl, on September 20 via Merge (pre-order), and he's just made a video for new single "Looks Like I'm Running Out" which focuses on one of his non-musical loves, surfing. Working with director Pat O'Neill, and shot mostly with a GoPro, the video was filmed in the dead of winter on the southern coast of New Zealand. The video stars famed Daisy Thomas, one of New Zealand's leading longboarders. "She’s all style and makes average surf conditions look pretty cool," David tells us. "Along with Heavy Eights drummer Taane, Pat and I are keen on surfing, and surfing culture in general, so it was a no-brainer." The slow-mo cinematography goes great with the languid, vibraphone-colored song. "Looks Like I'm Running Out" premieres in this post and you can watch below.

We also chatted with David via email about the new album, its feline cover star, surfing, and what The Clean might be up to. You can read that below.

Bobbie's A Girl is an especially laid-back, contemplative album for you. Did you have a clear idea about the kind of record you wanted to make?

The first recording session produced some moody music. I decided to see if we could sustain the mood for the whole LP. Mine the melancholy. I like melancholy.

The use of vibraphone on this album, especially on “Looks Like I’m Running Out," is lovely. What inspired its use?

I’ve always wanted one, and a few years back, Tom and I bought one. I think hanging out with Yo La Tengo and Lambchop back in the day inspired the need for such a great instrument. When recording, it can add to a track a certain richness you don’t find anywhere else, really.

The lyric “Looks like I’m running out but I’m just getting started” could be interpreted a few different ways. Can you shed some light?

Kind of along the lines of when someone walks away, are they giving up or starting anew? Or when closing down, there’s always a reboot.

The video for the song has you out surfing with Daisy Thomas… Were you nervous/sheepish about being out there with a pro? Did you learn anything?

Just full respect for such a talent, really. But yes, I’m not worthy in such company!!!! Ha! Daisy looks great even when she’s not really doing anything! Then again, after watching Daisy surf, I think I may cruise more this summer on my new board which is a noserider.

I did learn that those surf photographers who sit in the lineup, especially in big surf, must be super fit and use two flippers, not one, when filming in water! And when in doubt, keep rolling!

What can you tell us about the album’s feline cover star, Bobbie?

Full member of the family and fully deserving of a front cover! Obsessed with paper, cardboard, and string. She has her own play area in our hallway with a cardboard tunnel and string and demands to be played with every morning. My partner and I have lost some family and close friends in recent years, and Bobbie has played a big part in comforting us in a way only animals can do.

We have to ask: anything stirring in the world of The Clean?

The Clean is up on blocks at the moment and locked up in storage. But we hope to roll out some reissues in the near future. There’s been quite a lot of work being done digitizing and preserving our old masters with the help of the Alexander Turnbull Library, a division of the National Library of New Zealand.

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