Late Night with David Letterman debuted 40 years ago today on NBC (February 1, 1982). To celebrate, Dave has launched his Letterman YouTube channel, which now features "all your favorite clips from Late Night and Late Show — as well as conversations with the writers, producers and performers who helped make it all happen.”

The Letterman channel also notes, “These highlights have been artisanly-produced, carefully-curated, and chosen completely at random by an old computer that used to pick numbers for the New York Lotto back in the 90’s."

Currently there are dozens of clips, including Top 10 Lists, Stupid Pet and Human Tricks, interviews with musicians (Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Paul Simon, The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir), celebrities (Gloria Steinem, Magic Johnson, Robin Williams, Mr Rogers), comedian appearances (Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Mitch Hedberg) and tons more. There are also a few Late Night Originals, like the story of the "bumpers" that led in and out of commercials and featured the Late Night logo inserted into all sorts of mundane places.

Head over to Dave's YouTube channel to check it out, and you can watch a few clips below.

Letterman fans who spend any time on YouTube probably already know that YouTuber Don Giller has been the unofficial keeper of the Late Night flame for years, having digitized his own complete VHS collection of episodes, and regularly posting clips and compilations. His channel is a treasure trove, and often when someone dies, like comedian Louie Anderson, he'll post a compilation of every appearance they made on the show.

The first episode of Late Night with David Letterman featured Bill Murray and Mr Wizard (Don Herbert) as the first guests and you can watch that whole episode below, too.

Happy 40th anniversary, Late Night!

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