If you're been enjoying David Lynch's daily weather reports and occasional "What's David Up To?" videos on his YouTube channel, but wished he was working on something slightly longer, it looks like you're in luck. Welcome to Twin Peaks reports that Lynch's first major project since Twin Peaks: The Return will be a new series for Netflix and has the working title Wisteria. Industry trade Production Weekly lists the project with a start date of May 2021 and will be filmed at Calvert Studios, where parts of Twin Peaks: The Return was shot. Lynch will write and direct and will be produced by frequent collaborator Sabrina S. Sutherland.

You may remember that Lynch's new short film What Did Jack Do? premiered on Netflix at the start of the year, and he's been in talks with the streaming service for a couple years now. WTTP also notes that a Reddit thread back in February "referred to the Wisteria working title back in February 2020 and also mentioned a $85 million budget for 25 one-hour long episodes. The same user later added it could also be 13 ‘mini movies’ (or anything between 13 and 25) and that production planned for 200 shooting days in the Los Angeles area."

Related: in addition to today's weather report on the David Lynch Theater YouTube channel, David posted a standalone happy birthday to Sabrina. Watch both below.


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