David Lynch resumed his daily weather report videos, which he did in the mid-'00s, during lockdown back in May. Most of them are very similar -- that's L.A. weather for you -- and to the point, but sometimes he works in a little commentary. For Monday's election eve forecast, he said "I heard on the news that there's a United States election coming up, and they said it's very important if you're a citizen of the United States and eligible and registered to vote, it's very important for you to vote. Maybe getting a cup of hot coffee and listening to Little Eva sing 'Locomotion' will motivate you to get out and vote if you haven't voted already."

His Election Day forecast was filmed early this morning, while still dark. "Foggy, but I can see our friend the moon hanging in the sky," Lynch said before offering up a cautiously optimistic forecast. "Today I was thinking strongly about the song "Come Together' by The Beatles," he said. "Should be going up to 75°F this afternoon, around 24 Celsius, and it looks like it’s gonna be cloudy most of the day but later in the afternoon we might be seeing some blue skies and golden sunshine for the rest of the way. Everyone have a great day."

Watch those weather reports, below.

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