David Roback, of Mazzy Star, Opal and Rain Parade, passed away from cancer in 2020. Now over 150 pieces of music gear that he used, including guitars, amps, microphones, headphones, pedals, synthesizers, sitars, a drum machine, a 54-piece harpsichord, a folding pump organ harmonium, and more, are up for sale on Techno Empire's Reverb shop.

David's widow, Hedi Roback, told Techno Empire, "David was well known as a connoisseur of instruments and equipment. He was a natural producer who paid incredible attention to the detail of sound. He collected instruments and equipment throughout his life and what is left now are the pieces that were significant to him. Therefore, all the pieces were precious to David and had a use for him."

"Some of the studio gear dates back from his early career," Hedi continued, "studio on Pico in L.A. to his studio in Norway and London. He loved the Tube-Techs and Lexicons."

See all the listings on Reverb.

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