Shapeshifting R&B singer D∆WN (aka Dawn Richard) still hasn't given a release date for her upcoming album RED*emp*tion, but she did just surprise-release an EP called Infrared. The whole thing was produced by the fantastic electronic musician Kingdom, who she mentioned she was working with a few months ago. The result is a dose of forward-thinking R&B that's atmospheric, as many of Dawn's songs often are, but with the kind of pounding complex percussion that Kingdom often brings to his own work. You can download it for $5 here via Fade to Mind, and stream the whole thing below.

As mentioned, D∆WN and Kingdom are playing a Northside show together at Brooklyn's Market Hotel on June 10. Tickets are still available, and you can also try to get in using a Northside badge.

UPDATE: The show was moved to Rough Trade (still June 10). Tickets are still available.