Dawn Richard has been one of the most consistently interesting, ever-evolving R&B artists around since reinventing her career with 2012's Armor On and Whiteout EPs, and now after self-releasing her last few albums, she's signed to Merge Records who will put out the followup to 2019's new breed this year. Dawn says:

I set out a long time ago to create a lane where genre was optional. Where a Black woman could thrive in electropop and Afrofuturism unapologetically. This record has been such a cathartic experience. To create an immersive story highlighting New Orleans culture through a futuristic lens has just been… a wild-ass ride. I’m stoked to take the wild ride with Merge, and hopefully the world wants to jump on, too. I plan to reshape the way people see and hear New Orleans. Hope you ready?

Merge says "album details to come very soon," so stay tuned!

Listen to two of her 2020 singles below...


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