Our First 100 Days was started by the Secretly Group and 30 Songs, 30 Days. A song is released every day for the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency; for a $30 donation, you can access all of them. Donations go to support causes dedicated to the climate (The People’s Climate Movement), reproductive rights (All Above All), immigration (Cosecha), LGTBQ (Southerners on New Ground), community (Hoosier Action) and music (Revolutions Per Minute). Visit Our First 100 Days to donate and learn more.

Song #21 comes from comedian and musician Tim Heidecker, who has written songs about Trump before, and here delivers another with "Trump Talkin' Nukes." It's more earnest than you might expect, talking about the fear of nuclear war that was prevalent up through the '80s. You can listen to that, and the previous songs in the series, below.

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