Bjork's set, which ran 80 minutes, was expectedly left of center. It went from tribal chants and mournful wails to classical pieces and animal sounds. There were also recognizable tunes from Serpentwithfeet, Kate Bush and R&B singer Jeremih, whose "F You All the Time" was an unexpected closer.

The crowd remained rapt and respectful but didn't always seem to know what to do. They sometimes clapped and screamed at awkward intervals, unsure if their Icelandic queen was paying attention. But the giddy wave she gave at the end seemed to indicate she felt the love. - [Chron]

The 2016 edition of Houston's Day for Night began in earnest today (12/17) but on Friday was the "preview night" of the fest, which featured a DJ set from Bjork and Win Butler in DJ Windows 98 mode. Bjork's set was part of Bjork Digital, a five-room interactive installation with virtual reality elements. (She and Win both DJ again this weekend at DFN.) Pics from Preview Night, which included sets from Kam Franklin and Light Wheel, in the gallery above.

Saturday's schedule includes Blood Orange, Tycho, The Jesus & Mary Chain, John Carpenter, and headlining sets from Run the Jewels as well as a much-anticipated performance from Aphex Twin. Speaking of, Pitchfork notes a mysterious new Aphex Twin 12" was spotted at his merch table. Check out a picture of that below.

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