Thursday (9/14) at City Hall was a Consumer Affairs hearing on NYC's antiquated law requiring bars and restaurants to get a Cabaret License to allow dancing. In good news for the "repeal" movement, Lindsay Greene of Mayor De Blasio's administration attended the hearing and said the Mayor "strongly supports" getting rid of the law. From The New York Post:

"We feel there are better ways than the current cabaret law to create a strong and healthy nightlife economy while also ensuring the safety and security of everyone participating in that economy," Greene said at a hearing Thursday.

"Repealing the cabaret law while maintaining important safety provisions will go a long way to ensuring New Yorkers can fully enjoy the city's vast array of nightlife venues."

Fewer than 100 NYC establishment actually have cabaret licenses. Councilman Rafael Espinal introduced the bill to repeal the law, that would also require some clubs to have security cameras. Espinal also introduced the bill for the creation of a Nightlife Commission, which was voted in by City Council, to be headed by a "Night Mayor."

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