Brooklyn queercore vets The Dead Betties were originally around during the 2000s (with releases on Donna Dresch’s Chainsaw Records and other labels), and after their demise, bassist/vocalist Joshua Ackley and drummer Derek Pippin went on to play alongside MEN/Making Friendz's Tammy Hart in Teen Vice (and Ackley found himself the target of conservative journalists while serving as the Vice President of Communications at Girl Scouts of the USA and facing complaints from "outraged mothers" about "risque" Dead Betties videos). Now, The Dead Betties -- whose music is not currently on streaming services -- are gearing up to celebrate their 20th anniversary with a new compilation, Killer Hits No Filler, this Friday (10/16) via Thoroughbred, followed by the reissues of their four full-length albums over the course of the following four weeks (2006's Summer of '93 on 10/23, 2007's Nightmare Sequence on 10/30, 2007's F U A, You're In The Army Now on 11/6, and 2008's This is My Brain on Drugs on 11/13).

Ackley tells us:

Twenty years ago, this year, The Dead Betties formed as a band. We were teenagers on a mission to be as confrontational, aggressive, and entertaining as possible. We constructed our songs to be walls of sound built by caterwauling guitars, machine-gun drums, and the queer-bent screams of a person sick of being the target of bullies and the punchline of every anti-gay joke. We railed against misogyny, bigotry, greed, while always pushing ourselves to make art out of raw emotion. We’re releasing this collection to commemorate our 20th anniversary. Sadly, many of these songs are probably more relevant in today’s America than they were when originally recorded. Hopefully, the anger in this collection can inspire people to keep fighting for what is right, and never succumb to the people who want to see them simply disappear.

Along with this announcement, we've got the stream of Nightmare Sequence's title track, which will also appear on Killer Hits No Filler. Check it out, alongside the compilation's artwork and tracklist, below.

Killer Hits No Filler Tracklist
1. Demoralizer
2. The Giggling of Ken and Barbie
3. Hit the Bottle
4. Summer of ‘93
5. Suspicious Package
6. Malls of the Midwest
7. George’s Mr. Right
8. Terror Teacher
9. The Suicide of Britney Spears
10. Destination I Do
11. Nightmare Sequence
12. Laid