Justin Pearson recently told us about his favorite albums and live shows of 2022, and now his Dead Cross (and Retox) bandmate Michael Crain has shared his list with us as well. Michael's list ranges from Arctic Monkeys to Toro y Moi to FIDLAR to Bobby Oroza, and it also includes a podcast, a TV show, and more. Read on for his list, with commentary on each pick.

Dead Cross II is out now via Ipecac.

Michael Crain’s Favorite Releases of 2022

“It’s All Bad” podcast

I love love love stories about debaucherous, wild, psychotic, hilarious, disgusting, violent, and harrowing yet ironically benevolent drug fueled misadventures. As a survivor of a similar past I can relate to every story. But even if you can’t empathize with the hosts or guests it’s incredibly entertaining for anybody. Although it wasn’t released in 2022 I discovered it this year.

King Garbage - Heavy Metal Greasy Love

These two guys are everything that the Black Keys wish they could be.

Mystic Jungle - Deviant Disco

I have no viable excuse for why I love this record other than the fact that my therapist says that I’m “an avoidant, overly sensitive, trauma riddled, creative type that lives in fantasy from another decade all together and should be medicated immediately.” She really said that.

Arctic Monkeys - The Car

I’m a diehard fan so I don’t give a fuck if this particular record sounds like it was written and recored in the days following a no holds barred Caligula style sex and LSD party in a secluded Rat Pack era Palm Springs mansion where Frank Sinatra shot one of his girlfriends and Sammy Davis Jr. lied to the police for him. The Arctic Monkeys have enough greatness stored up in the bank to cancel out this record and still be great.

Moreru - Hanako Yamada (translated)

Pretend Stephen King started a Japanese noise band.

Toro Y Moi - Mahal

This record has a far more 1960’s psych-rock feel than his previous albums. His hooks rival any of the greats in my humble opinion. Listen to “Goes by so fast.”

Severance show on Apple TV


Bobby Oroza - Get on the Other Side

When I first heard a track off of this album I was absolutely certain it was some rare Motown era B-side from a Chicano crooner in East LA. It’s not. This is so fucking good. Get this album.

FIDLAR - “Fuck Shit Up”

I love this band and so do you.

SBA Covid EIDL Loan

By a long shot the best thing to come into my life in 2022. Playing guitar all day, ignoring adulthood, avoiding commitment, and pretending to have a career is the best in the world and so is anything that enables it.

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