Two Georgia metal bands, Dead Hand and Machinist!, are releasing a split EP on March 19 via Nefarious Industries (pre-order). Machinist!'s "Bask in the White Light" was recently released and we're now premiering Dead Hand's "Muirgeilt."

Both songs are very different, but they go together well. Machinist!'s is blackened hardcore fury, while Dead Hand's is a glacial-paced blend of doom, sludge, and post-rock. Dead Hand keyboardist/lyricist Shannon Harris says, "The lyrics to 'Muirgeilt,' while on the surface the telling of a high fantasy story of forced transmogrification, are an allegory for watching oneself change and become something one never intended to be; but, despite running from the underlying problems, they always manage to catch up and grow and spread their darkness like a festering wound until the person who was once there is almost unrecognizable."

Listen to both tracks below...


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