Dead Meadow

"The stage was projected with tie dyed lights, a trippy semblance of colors covering the undulating rhythms of Dead Meadow's guitar crazed rock. Dead Meadow is lead by Jason Simon's guitar and vocals through the mystic levels of rock n' roll psychosis. The addition of Cory Shane on guitar enables the band to develop the sound of the Meadow further into abstraction, producing instrumentation that is on the cusp of experimentation. Driving the tractor for the band through the waves of blues inspired guitar slaying in the likeness of old Hendrix solos, is Stephen McCarty on drums. McCarty is the band's second drummer. The original beat thumper, Mark Laughlin, left the band in 2002 opening up the Meadow for the pulse of MCarty, who wanders in and out of consciousness with the color of the music, maintaining a mechanistic time on his kit like the Bonham days of Zeppelin. Only McCarty revels in more of rhythmic entropy rather than the overpowered playing of Bonham. Fortunately for the band, McCarty loaned out his grand pappy's farmhouse for them to record one of their more celebrated albums Howls From The Hills (Tolotta Records).

In the album Howls From The Hills, and in the grasp of the hand painted dirt encrusted frescoes of [LA venue] the Orpheum, the billowing expanse of air was a catechism of misanthropic guitar rhythms and saturated bass lines from loyal bassist Steve Kile. The prominence of the bass is understated in the studio recordings, but within the walls of this theater the low frequency vibration was reverberating through the walls of the foundation. The lines brought continuity to the sound that carried the crowd through the diabolical riffs, and sent people's minds into a state like an opium bender coated in blotter acid." [Michael Dennis]

Dead Meadow are one of many bands that will appear at the ATP Festival happening in Monticello, NY this year. They play there on Saturday, September 12th (same day as Sufjan Stevens and Animal Collective). Three days earlier they visit NYC and play on a boat (the Half Moon to be exact) Tickets for the Rocks Off event are on sale now. All dates and some videos below...

Dead Meadow - 2009 Tour Dates
Jul 31 - Henry Miller Library Big Sur, California
Aug 1 - SLO Brewhouse San Luis Obispo, California
Aug 8 - Long Beach Art Theater Long Beach, California
Sep 09 - Rocks Off Concert Cruise, NY, NY
Sep 12 - ATP Monticello, New York

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