Update: Andrew's close friend Neva Knott posted the following to Facebook:

It is with the heaviest heart I'm writing this. Andrew passed away at 4:50 this afternoon [3/8/16]. He took a sudden and sharp, unexpected turn for worse a couple of weeks ago and has been in the hospital since Feb.25. Tests determined he had a series of mini strokes at home, then developed respiratory problems over this past weekend. This morning he was put on a morphine drip, passed peacefully with his brothers, sister, Ruby Ann Swaner Whitfield, and me with him. We'll throw a wake at Dante's as soon as we can. Ironically, he is still cancer free.

2 months ago this update was posted to a GoFundMe set up for Andrew:

Hey everybody, a few people have been asking for an update on Andrew. He is doing better. Still tired from radiation and just the huge hit to his system from all of this. He had a positive check in from his cancer doc, as well as from his other doc just last week, and he's achieving sobriety. His energy is coming back, though slowly, but we've been able to start doing little things again, like go to a movie or out to see a band for an hour or so. Thanks, again and again, for all of the warm wishes, the donations to the gofundme page--we have made half our goal so far--the benefit concerts, and for buying and wearing the t-shirts. It takes a village, as they say... Merry Christmas and much love from Andrew and me both.

Before that:

Andrew has toured the world playing drums with Dead Moon for the past 28 years. This spring, he was diagnosed with lymphoma in his neck and with some other chronic health conditions. He played his last show in Holland in May, 2015, and has been unable to finish the Dead Moon tour or work at all since. To date, the cancerous lymph has been surgically removed from his neck, he has undergone oral surgery, and will begin radiation in a couple of weeks so that he can remain cancer-free. After that course of treatment, he will be under ongoing medical care for his other condition. He hopes to be back behind his drum kit asap, as soon as his energy returns. This fundraising campaign is to help with lost income and medical expenses. Thanks for your help!

Fuck Cancer, and Rest in Peace, Andrew.