NJ metalcore pioneers Deadguy finally reunited in 2021 for their first shows in roughly 25 years, including the Decibel Fests in Philly and LA and a show at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar, and now they've finally announced their first home state show since returning: March 5 at Crossroads. Tickets are on sale now. It appears to be the band's only upcoming date, but we'll let you know if we hear of more.

The band also has a new documentary that premiered last year, and they've (sort of) given an update on new music. They said new music wasn't out of the question when they first revealed the reunion news in 2020, and much more recently, guitarist Keith Huckins spoke about it on the RRBG podcast.

"We’re gonna try it… Just because, Deadguy mark I put out two 7 inches and an album, and that’s it," he said. "And we don’t particularly care for everything, so we’ve really got 40 minutes worth of music, that’s it. So… we don’t wanna get bored just playing the same old set over and over again. We’re gonna try it and we’re gonna try to be respectful to what it was…" Listen to the full episode below.

Deadguy also recently put out an official cassette release of their 1995/1996 live bootleg Driving You Straight To Hell on SuperNova Records.

Deadguy vocalist Tim Singer's newer band Bitter Branches (which also includes Dan Yemin of Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, and Paint It Black) are also gearing up to release their debut LP Your Neighbors Are Failures on 2/25 via Equal Vision. Stream the new single here and pre-order the album on limited-to-100 red-in-white vinyl here.


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