Deadguy are back, having played reunion shows with more on the way, with a new documentary out, a new 7" with a previously unreleased song, and the promise of new music. Still no concrete word on when new music is coming, but drummer David Rosenberg just spilled the beans in an interview with Lambgoat that Deadguy have a split with Pig Destroyer on the way:

We've been writing new stuff, we're playing a couple shows in October, we've been talking to a bunch of festivals and stuff. We're going to do a split that we're also working on which is going to be with Pig Destroyer, which is fun. This is the thing, it's hard to get it together just because life gets in the way, but the fact that we can do that—Pig Destroyer; absurd band, absurd name, everything about it is great in my opinion—and the fact that we get to go do this stuff now because we're sort of a functioning unit to me is awesome.

[...] Sooner or later it's coming. We also remixed the half of Fixation that we had digitally, which is pretty fun too.

That's all we know for now, but very exciting! The interview was also with William Saunders, who directed the new Deadguy doc, and you can read the whole thing here.

Deadguy will open night two of AVAIL's shows at Irving Plaza on October 21 & 22, and The Suicide Machines are on that show too (tickets).

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