Deaf Club is one of the many bands of Justin Pearson (who's also in the The Locust, who are back, plus Dead Cross, Planet B, Retox, and more), and their lineup also features Brian Amalfitano (ACxDC), Scott Osment (Weak Flesh), Jason Klein (Run With The Hunted), and Leo Ulfelder (Fissure). They're releasing the Contemporary Sickness EP on October 4 via Pearson's Three One G Records (pre-order), and we're premiering opening track "Boyfriends of Christ." It's one of the more pulverizing projects that Justin Pearson has been taking part in as of late, as you can tell from this song, which offers a minute and a half of relentless, furious grindy hardcore. Here's what Justin tells us about it:

I see the boyfriends of Christ cruising around town... dicks swingin', dicks shriveled up, and just dicks in general. They are so sad, stressed out, confused about the rules in the rule book. The stuff that some of the humans do, in the name of religion, on this planet, is not only totally amusing, but absurd, and just plain stupid. It's 2019, almost 2020, and we still let science take a back seat on the short drive to the end.

Listen and watch the video (made by Displaced/Replaced) below...

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