Dean Blunt is back with a new 39-minute mix/project, Zushi, and buried within are two new Panda Bear collaborations, "In Plain Sight" (starting around the 1:05 mark) and "Moments" (starting around the 12:25 mark). Both are cut from a similarly earthy, guitar-oriented cloth as Panda Bear's latest album Buoys, and they fit right in with the airy singer/songwriter vibe of the mix's first half. Other contributors top the mixtape include A$AP Rocky, Mica Levi, Joanne Robertson, Jonatan Leandoer96 (aka Yung Lean), DJ Escrow, and Sauce Walka. A$AP Rocky comes in around the 29:40 mark. Listen to the whole thing, and/or hear individual streams of the two Panda Bear collabs, below.

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