DOWNLOAD: Damon & Naomi - E.T.A. (MP3)

Galaxie 500 (Damon, Naomi & Dean)
Galaxie 500

Dean & Britta's Zipper Factory residency continues tonight (August 21) (tix). Expect to hear some songs from one of Dean's Old bands...

The Zipper Factory is an intimate theatre (converted from, yes, a Zipper Factory) and everyone gets a seat. On this night we are going to concentrate on songs by Galaxie 500. Opening act is El May (featuring the sometime Luna keyboard player Lara Meyerratken).

In related news, Damon & Naomi's 1992 album "More Sad Hits" was recently reissued. The CD is out now. The vinyl is out September 1st. Download track one above.

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