by Bill Pearis


Death and Vanilla's new album, To Where The Wild Things Are, will be out in April (pre-order) and you may have already heard beguiling first single "California Owls." We've got the premiere of that song's video that repurposes clips from 1971 Italian horror film Veruschka - Poesia Di Una Donna (which has a great score by Morricone, an obvious influence here) and Kusama's Self Obliteration from 1967. Given the Swedish band's fondness for cult cinema, this works especially well. You can watch below.



Death and Vanilla - To Where the Wild Things Are tracklist:
1. Necessary Distortions
2. The Optic Nerve
3. Arcana
4. California Owls
5. Time Travel
6. Follow The Light
7. Shadow And Shape
8. Hidden Reverse
9. Moogskogen
10. Something Unkown You Need To Know

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