Death Cab For Cutie and Ben Gibbard's old Postal Service bandmate Jenny Lewis have been on tour together, and like at other recent shows on the tour, they reunited on stage during the encore at Queens' Forest Hills Stadium show on Saturday (6/15) to play The Postal Service's "Nothing Better" together. Before that, though, Jenny Lewis ran through a set of songs heavy on this year's On the Line but also including classics like two Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins songs and Rilo Kiley's "Silver Lining." Death Cab played a career spanning set with such old faves as "The New Year," "Title and Registration," "Expo '86," "Transatlanticism," "We Looked Like Giants," "Styrofoam Plates," "I Will Follow You Into the Dark," "Soul Meets Body," "Crooked Teeth," "What Sarah Said," "I Will Possess Your Heart," "Cath...," and more, as well as a few from last year's Thank You For Today. Pictures are in the gallery above. Videos (including one of the Postal Service song) and setlists below.

Death Cab's tour also includes an upcoming Hollywood Bowl show in LA with Car Seat Headrest, and we're giving away tickets to that.

Death Cab For Cutie at Forest Hills Stadium - 6/15/19 Setlist (via)
The Ghosts of Beverly Drive
The New Year
Long Division
Title and Registration
Gold Rush
Crooked Teeth
No Sunlight
What Sarah Said
60 & Punk
(Ben's mic was off for the first three lines or so)
I Will Possess Your Heart
Autumn Love
Black Sun
Expo '86
Northern Lights
Styrofoam Plates
We Looked Like Giants
Soul Meets Body

I Will Follow You Into the Dark
Nothing Better (The Postal Service song with Jenny Lewis)
You Are a Tourist

Jenny Lewis at Forest Hills Stadium - 6/15/19 Setlist (via)
Heads Gonna Roll
Wasted Youth
The Big Guns (Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins song)
Silver Lining (Rilo Kiley song)
Happy (Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins song)
The Voyager
Do Si Do
She's Not Me
Red Bull & Hennessy
Just One of the Guys
Little White Dove
Party Clown
On the Line


photos by Greg Cristman

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