After UK chaotic queercore duo Death Goals put out their great self-released 2021 debut album The Horrible and The Miserable, they signed to Prosthetic, and now they've announced their first new album for the label, A Garden of Dead Flowers, on May 5 (pre-order). First single "Faux Macho" is out now, and it marks a clear progression from the debut; bigger, cleaner, and catchier but just as uncompromising. In the band's own words, it finds them "wearing our love and appreciation for queer culture with pride on our sleeves for the world to see." It also comes with a vivid video (directed by David Gregory) that plays off the song's themes. The album description reads:

Death Goals guide the listener through secret woodland hookups, fighting against queer erasure, nightmarish middle of the night fears, addiction and rehab, dysphoria, and - potentially most importantly - euphoric community acceptance.

Whilst there are undoubtedly dark moments on on the album, Death Goals are gleefully antagonistic and have created an engaging anthology of reflections on lived experiences, offering up hope, support and community to those around them.

Check it out:

Death Goals

1. Genderless Clones Of Gameshow Hosts
2. A Garden Of Dead Flowers
3. Ultraviolence
4. Loveless
5. P.A.N.S.Y
6. Death Goals In Cursive
7. I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead (Taking A Bullet For You)
8. If I’m The Enemy Then Who’s The Protagonist?
9. Last Night I Had A Dream About Death
10. Year Of The Guillotine
11. Faux Macho

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