Death Grips have a history of cancelling shows (including Lollapalooza, Osheaga, Fun Fun Fun Fest, and even full tours), but it seemed like they'd put that behind them over the past few years. However, according to would-be attendees of Thursday's (8/17) Death Grips show at Grelle Forelle in Vienna, Austria, the show was cancelled because the venue was too hot. Grelle Forelle confirmed the show's cancellation via Facebook and said refunds would be available, but gave no other details. Find more reactions via Reddit below.

Death Grips will tour with Ministry this fall, including NYC shows at Brooklyn Steel and Terminal 5 (tickets). Hopefully the weather will have cooled down enough by then.

Death Grips cancelled their show in Vienna an hour after doors because "it was too hot" Source: I was there and that's what the venue told us. soon after that, the promoters posted an official statement on fb saying the event was ccancelled. (via)

Vienna show canceled because the club was too hot! My heart is broken!!! (via)

Death Grips were meant to perform at a sold-out show in Vienna. I was there. People came from Russia, Madrid, Italy, Budapest, Belgrade, Slovakia, spent half their monthly allowances and took out holidays for this shit. The crowd was pissed and partially didn't leave for hours, me included. Their excuse was that a venue with 25 degrees celsius is too hot which we all know is bullshit. From what I heard this kind of shit is somewhat typical but I can't believe it was announced shortly after the show was meant to start, and we aren't given a legitimate reason as to why they aren't performing.

Hope dies last and apparently they have an off-day tomorrow in Vienna, if they would perform (which I highly doubt) I think all would be forgiven.

Right now I along with the other hundreds of disappointed fans am furious and would love to know more. Please let me know if there are more details on this because I am considering boycotting my favorite band, and am grasping at straws not to have to go through with it. (via)

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